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Department of Computer Science and Engineering has set vision "To be a premier department for education in Computer Science and Engineering in state of Telangana, moulding students into professional engineers". The department imparts state of the art education and encourages cutting edge research. It offers UG program, PG programs in CSE and SE. Well equipped Laboraties have been facilitated for the Students, research Scholars and the funds generated from AICTE/UGC.


  • To focus on a most effective undergraduate B.Tech (CSE) programme producing well prepared and innovative professionals.
  • To strive for and to implement close interdepartmental collaboration in educational programmes with sound delivery methods.
  • To provide most competent postgraduate M.Tech programmes and Research programmes with deeper mastery in computer science and engineering for further development.
  • To provide opportunities for CSE students and faculty to be a part of exciting growth and opportunity with entrepreneurial skills in the fast changing technological world.


  • To educate students from diverse backgrounds in the fundamental skills, knowledge and practice of computer science and engineering through carefully designed courses and delivery methods
  • To prepare the CSE students to excel in application of computer science and engineering in professional life, creation of new software tools for diverse fields
  • To promote life-long scholarship, service and a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship in environment that is inclusive, diverse and collaborative with industry and government
  • To disseminate contributions of students and faculty through scholarly publications and to disseminate service to establish professional societies, the public, the state and the nation at large